St. Paul's Cathedral Concert June 2011
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St. Pauls Cathedral


The Writings of Ian Roddie

A Wedding Speech for Mary and James

A Critique of Fashion in Medical Education

Clichés in Medical Education

The Pre-emptive cringe

The Quality of Teaching

Wesley Roddie Letters

The Fighting Spirit

Unpopular People


The Quest for Happiness

Roses in December

Making Friends

Youth and a changing world

What is a gentleman?

How to be a failure

On Gossiping

Art of Conversation

About Holidays

A Bad Day

Bad Temper

Went the Day Well Original Articles

Sir Neville 'Kim' Hall's Childhood memoirs - Chapter 5

Sir Neville 'Kim' Hall's Childhood memoirs - Chapter 4

Sir Neville 'Kim' Hall's Childhood memoirs - Chapter 3

Sir Neville 'Kim' Hall's Childhood memoirs - Chapter 2

Sir Neville 'Kim' Hall's Childhood memoirs - Chapter 1

Letters from the trenches in 1917 - Lionel Reid Hall

Citation for Professor David Allison - James Jackson

A Miscarriage - James Jackson

Saying Goodbye - Canon Frank Hurst

Friday Brunch in Jeddah - Ian Roddie

A Revelation - Paul Wigmore

Head Chorister End of Term Speech - Harry Jackson

No Small Wonder - Paul Wigmore

Went the Day Well? - Garvey Humphrey

The Acceptance of Harriet Haynes - Buss Jackson

Tarifa 2011 - James Jackson

Clouds - Joe Boultbee

They Came, They Saw, They Wept - Lynda Beaven

Poppy - Rosemary Wintle

Nick Park Eat Your Heart Out - Thomas Jackson

A Special Birthday - Mary Roddie

Army Exercise - Ant Jackson

WTDW Acrostic poem - Alastair Jackson

WTDW poems - Pupils of SPCS

National Schools' finals 2011 - J Portelly

Ten Tors 50th Anniversary - Major (Retd) Bob Etherton

The Campo Dei Fiori - Anne Nicholls

Coming to terms with Death - Ian Roddie

Went the Day Well? - John Miles

Perfection - Buss Jackson

A Grandparent's worst nightmare - David Alric

The Winger - Bill Sharrock

Holding Hands - James Jackson


The Anthem

The Cycle ride - JOGLE

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