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Day 1 Elevation Graph
Day 1 Route

Google Earth Day 1

Day 1 Sunday July 3rd 2011

We have been planning our cycling route from John O'Groats to Land's End using veloroutes and have loaded them onto this page. All we have done, for the time being, is map out approximately 115 miles per day for the first eight days, which leaves about 50 miles for day nine. We are unlikely to be stopping exactly at the points indicated on these maps but they give us some idea about what to expect. As you can see the route maps are accompanied by elevation graphs which, we have to say, look pretty frightening even if we do realise that they are exaggerated by the compressed scale on the x axis.

If you want to look more closely at the route using Google Earth then press the link button adjacent to each map. So long as you have Google Earth on your computer you will be able to zoom in on the satellite pictures and see exactly which roads we are hoping to be travelling along. It is well worth a look. If you look too closely you will see that we have not been as accurate as we should have been when mapping out the routes, particulaly in the later days, and we spend a lot of time crossing fields or cycling through houses! When we get a free moment we will be rectifying this.


Day 2 Elevation Graph
Day 2 route

Google Earth Day 2

Day 2



Day 3 elevation graph
Day 3 Route

Google Earth Day 3

Day 3



Day 4 Elevation Graph
Day 4 Route

Google Earth Day 4

Day 4



Day 5 Elevation Graph
Day 5 Route

Google Eearth Day 5

Day 5



Day 6 Elevation Graph
Day 6 Route

Google Earth Day 6

Day 6



Day 7 Elevation Graph
Day 7 Route

Google Earth Day 7

Day 7



Day 8 Elevation Graph
Day 8 Route

Google Earth Day 8

Day 8



Day 9 Elevation Graph
Day 9 Route

Google Earth Day 9

Day 9



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