St. Paul's Cathedral Concert June 2011
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John O'Groats to Land's End (JOGLE)

July 26th 2011

Well, we have done it. We finished the ride in 9 days, as hoped, and it was every bit as difficult as we feared it might be. The weather was not kind to us for the first five days but it improved I am pleased to say. Have a look at the blog of our trip to see how it went and look at some of the pictures that Jono took along the way.

March 26th 2011

It sounded like such a great idea last December when we decided to cycle from John O'Groats to Land's End to raise money for Help for Heroes. Lots of other people have done it before so it can't be that difficult. In the euphoria of the moment we decided that we would do it in just nine days; we are young and fit and cycle daily to school (albeit only a couple of miles each way); it would be a doddle we thought.

As the months have slipped by we have had other things to think and worry about including:

1. The venue for the 'Went the Day Well?' concert;

2. What the anthem will sound like (we have stopped worrying about that now as it has been composed and is brilliant);

3. When are the choristers going to have time to record the anthem to CD?;

4. Our AS levels!!

Suddenly, however, there are now just over three months to go before we set off and, after a few training rides of 20 miles or so, we are beginning to realise exactly what we have let ourselves in for. A distance of 115 miles in a single day is not easy in itself but we have to do that every day for nine days! Oh well, no going back on our word now.



Support Vehicle

The Support Vehicle

The van was loaned to us by a friend of Tom's Dad free of charge - once again we are bowled over by the generosity of everyone whom we have approached to help.

Jono, Tom's brother, will be driving it. For those who have followed our blog you will have read that there has been some debate as to what his full duties on the trip will include! What we all agree on, however, is that he looks after food supplies; finds us a decent B&B each evening when our legs give up; updates the blog daily; takes photographs; and does not crash the van!

The vehicle graphics have been designed by Tom's Uncle Neville - it is Uncle Nev who also designed the moving logo at the top of this page and the T-shirts. What a man! Go to his website to check him out.
Coloured T-shirt designsBlack T-shirt


Nothing to sell just yet but we plan to have T-shirts and caps for sale soon with the WTDW logo design emblazoned across them. They will be an essential fashion item. Don't miss out! Keep checking this page and we will let you know when they are available. Possible designs and colours are shown here. Let us know by e-mail via our contact page which colour you would prefer we go for - or should we have all three?

AND..... Do not forget that the CD of the 'Went the Day Well?' anthem is for sale. You can write to us via our CONTACT US page to obtain a CD.


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