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'Thumb'-sucking Tom style
Climbing at 18 months   Pensive Tom age 2 in Norfolk   Party time as Mr Smee
Back to school aged 9   Age 15 in France   Age 18

September 10th 2012


Happy 19th Birthday Tom!

Tom is still in the South Pacific, although due to return soon, and today is his birthday so we have made him a special card using JibJab. Rather than send it to him by e-mail we thought that it would be best to make it visible to all! It was chosen especially because we understand that he has been working out a lot. Here it is:


To cause further embarrassment (what else are parents for when their children reach an age when they are just off to university) we have chosen a selection of photos showing how Tom has changed over the years.



High Street Kensington
'The struggle is my life'   Atlas House, King Street   St. Paul's Cathedral
Shepherd and sheep, Paternoster Square     Royal Fusilier, Holborn

September 1st 2012


The Art of Conversation

I have put another of Wesley Roddie's 'Letters to a young Methodist' up on the site in which he discusses the Art of Conversation; this must be my favourite to date. It is full of wonderful snippets of advice of which, 'Never allow anything then to drop from your lips that you would not be willing to have your mother or your sister hear you say' must be one of the best.

Wesley was clearly not one for pulling his punches and his paragraph (written out below) about the bore whom you meet once and dread meeting again makes me wince, not least because I am sure that I can remember times that I have been that person!

'There is possibly nothing in the entire world so utterly boring as to be in the company for any length of time of anyone who cannot converse. Time after time you try to break ground and open up some subject of interest but your repeated attempts are usually met by monosyllabic replies, and you give up in despair. The very thought of meeting that person again almost gives you pain.'

The photographs today are of a number of statues and architectural features that I have seen during the year whilst walking or cycling around London. I especially like the 'vomiting drainpipe man' who was on a flat somewhere near Holborn (I think!).



  © Copyright Thomas Jackson 2010