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Harry and Eddie
Will the paparazzi never leave us?   Flying with the spinnaker   Up to the finish line
Harry on the trapeze   Harry on the trapeze   Harry on the trapeze
Menorcan fishermen   Ses Salines dawn   Ses Salines dawn

October 24th 2012


Menorca sailing Part II

A few more days have passed and I am pleased to say that there have been no more serious injuries although there are bruises aplenty. The two most prominent are on my lateral thighs but I am told that this is something to be proud of as it means that I am sitting in the correct position on top of the rather inappropriately placed cleats on the side of the laser. Rosemary has managed to avoid getting her stitches wet by taking the 'gentle option' each day, which means sailing a rather more stable boat out with one of the instructors. This has resulted in continuous one-to-one instruction such that her sailing theory has improved massively and she impresses us on her return each day with names of parts of boats that we did not even know existed.

Harry has been having great fun sailing in an RS Feva; he and helmsman Eddie have become a force to be reckoned with in the daily races although I think that they both found the attention that they were getting today from the paparazzi (me following in a boat being steered through the fleet by one of the instuctors) a little bit disconcerting. Having participated in three races Harry then returned for his hour-long one-to-one windsurfing tuition, immediately followed by his first experience out on a trapeze. His first attempt saw him swinging around the front of the mast but he soon got the hang of it and before long he was dangling out on his trapeze harness with his arms free whilst dancing a jig on the side of the boat and singing. He might have sung a little less lustily if he had known how well sound carries across water! This last activity was mostly performed on the far side of the bay, hence the long distance shots.



Menorca Sailing
Harry's first windsufing day   Starboard tack   Port tack

October 21st 2012


Menorca sailing

A few days after Mary had booked a bonding holiday for me and my two younger sons sailing in Menorca, Alastair was offered a place on a rowing training camp in France with Hampton School during the same week and decided that that sounded like a much better idea! Fortunately Auntie Rosemary was able to take his place. This came as a bit of a surprise to the members of the welcoming committee when we arrived yesterday at Ses Salines in Menorca who felt that Rosemary would stand out somewhat in the teenage sailing group.

A force 3-4 wind greeted us on our first day's sailing, ideal for both Rosemary and me who have not been out in a Laser since the last time we were in Menorca ten years ago. Despite this long absence we were both keen to show that we had forgotten nothing; unfortunately we had both forgotten that it is very important to duck when gybing! Whilst I survived with nothing more than a small graze to my forehead (and another capsize), Rosemary was not quite so fortunate and was picked up by one of the rescue launches with blood pouring from a wound just above her hairline that subsequently required four stitches. Disappointingly a photograph was not taken of the original injury which is a shame as I am told it looked very impressive.

Harry is being much more successful. He has never sailed before but will undoubtedly be beating us all very soon. Today he had his first taster session of windsurfing and within half an hour was not only looking very confident on the move but had executed a very impressive first tack. He cannot wait to get out on the water again tomorrow whilst Rosemary and I are perhaps a little less keen and wonder if it might be best if we have a rest day to nurse our various bruises.



Tom's first day
Back to school   High flying merry-go-round   London Eye
Vapour trails over Putney   Pyogenic Granuloma   Pyogenic Granuloma

October 1st 2012


Two down, two to go!

Jono returned to Nottingham two weeks ago to move into his new rented house with his friends - which has proved to be a great success - and started his third year at medical school last Monday. Tom came back from Tahiti ten days ago, looking very tanned and happy having had the most fantastic time with Neville and Catherine, and left two days later to move into his room at Ramsay Hall before starting his Biological Sciences course at UCL on Monday. That leaves us with Alastair and Harry - and with Harry back boarding at St. Paul's Cathedral School in his new role as Head Chorister you would have thought that Mary and I would have so much time on our hands that we would not know what to do with it; but instead, we seem to be busier than ever, although I am not really clear why!

Back to Tom's first week at University: He was perhaps a little disappointed to have been given one of the smaller rooms on the ground floor in Ramsay Hall and to find out that all his neighbours are male - this is apparently because these rooms are occasionally broken into from outside and considered too dangerous for the girls who are all housed on the upper floors! Fresher's week appears to have gone well, however, and he has rarely managed to get to bed before 3am. Even then sleep has not come easily as there have been a very noisy group directly across the road from him protesting about something or other by singing hymns 24 hours a day. He returned home on Saturday, gave Mary a bag full of dirty washing, ate lots of food, slept for twelve hours and then cycled back to University (with clean, ironed clothes!). Is this what we are to expect every weekend?

Time for a short medical story. A small red lump has been growing slowly on Alastair's leg for the last six months. It has caused him very little problem but on returning to school he has had several spontaneous episodes of profuse bleeding usually during rowing training. It turns out that this is a pyogenic granuloma, a rare abnormality of unknown cause. I am keen to inject it at home with some noxious chemical but Mary has suggested that it might be better to have it removed by a dermatologist! I have included a couple of photographs taken a several weeks apart so that you can see how it has progressed.

I attended the Eucarist service at St. Paul's Cathedral today. The choir were in wonderful voice and Harry sang a wonderful solo which included a crystal clear high C - very proud Dad!

Finally, I have put another Wesley letter up on the site entitled 'On Gossiping', which contains the usual combination of wit, common sense and practical advice - click on the link above or the Wesley Roddie button at the top of the page and have a read.



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