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Norfolk skyline
Norfolk Tractor   Jono on tractor   Norfolk Tractor

November 22nd 2019


Sir Neville Hall's childhood memoirs Chapter 5

It has been eighteeen months since I posted chapter 4 of Sir Neville Hall's childhood memoirs on this site and I thought that it was about time that I put up chapter 5.  I would have to admit that what Uncle Kim has written does not make for the most riveting of reading, which perhaps explains my tardiness in putting each chapter online but he does include some interesting comments which often send me scurrying to the internet for further information.

This chapter includes several such snippets including references to a Dewar's flask; Stead's Books for Bairns; steam ploughs (hence my choice of photographs); Edward Lear’s manypeeplia upsidownia; and the 'beheading' of the oak trees at Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, the home of the nine days queen Lady Jane Grey, said to have been performed at the news of her execution.  Rather than go into detail about any of the above, I have provided links to relevant pages.  The steam plough link is a YouTube video of a steam plough at work and makes for great viewing if, like me, you did not know of their existence, particularly when you consider the giant tractors that can now do the same job in a fraction of the time.





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