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The Bride
The Bridegroom   Tom's parents   Claire's parents

March 30th 2012


Claire and Tom's Wedding

On Tuesday this week - the 27th March - Mary and I drove down to the Kent Estuary to celebrate the marriage of Thomas Nicholls to Claire Leung. Tom is the eldest son of Patrick and Anne Nicholls and Anne is Mary's first cousin. The wedding was held at Cooling Castle Barn and the day was perfect; beautiful bride; handsome bridegroom; proud parents; wonderful friends; suitably embarrassing speeches; delicious food; gorgeous weather.

I have produced a short video to show a few of the photographs that I took during the day. Also, have a look at those taken by the professional photographer, which you can do by clicking on this link.






March 14th 2012


New WTDW article

In the process of going through some of my mother's effects recently following her death last year, my sister came across some articles that she had written some time ago. I have added one of these, called 'The acceptance of Harriet Haynes', to the Went the Day Well articles page. I would love to know the history behind it.

My mother would have considered herself a 'Hobby Farmer', like the heroine of her tale, and kept Texels which she entered into shows. She was also a veterinary surgeon. My guess is that her story is based upon a combination of fact and fiction but I would like to think that it actually happened. The use of rectal enemas with cold water to treat overheating in sheep is a recognised therapy and if you want to read more about it just click on the link!

I do not have a photograph of a sheep undergoing an enema you will be pleased to hear! The main picture is, however, of some of the Texels that my mother used to own.


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