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Common pipistrelle bat

June 30th 2018


Bats and owls

Work began on the Hindolveston barn this month once we were all confident that any hibernating bats had been given a good chance to rouse themselves from their slumber.  I was beginning to doubt our ecologist's assurance that we even had bats but during initial building work this sleepy male common pipistrelle was found roosting in a small crevice and was safely removed.  Bat boxes have been installed in the garden and bat bricks have been purchased, which will be incorporated into the outside barn walls in due course.

We have been aware all along that the barn has been the home of a beautiful barn owl and are planning to have an owl box built into one of the end gables in the hope that it will nest there.  I was hoping that this might be designed to allow us to see the owls from inside the house, but Mary has vetoed that idea, saying that she is not keen on watching mice and other rodents being devoured whilst we are enjoying our own food.

We were delighted to learn that during removal of the roof a Little Owl and two fledglings were found.  As one of the owlets was quite weak the local Owl Conservation Trust were called, and both were taken away to be nurtured until fit and fully fledged when they will be released near us later in the year.

All very exciting!



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