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Christmas puzzle

January 15th 2022


Christmas puzzle

Mary and I thought that it would be fun to have a puzzle made for the whole family at Christmas but we made several mistakes. First and foremost, we chose a photograph that was almost entirely white; secondly, we decided to go for one made up of 2000 pieces, which meant that it was a metre wide. The kitchen island had to be cleared, therefore, as there was no other space large enough to accommodate it other than the dining room table (which we needed for dining surprisingly enough); and thirdly, we forgot that the family were only staying for a couple of days which meant that we would have to complete a large part of it ourselves.

Alastair and Rosemary set to it with a will, but even they had to admit defeat when left with the large expanse of snow covered field and the even larger, almost completely white, sky. In the absence of any obvious difference in colour between the remaning pieces, Mary and I had different methods of working: she chose a single slot in the puzzle and then went meticulously through every remaining piece until one fitted (or not as was common to begin with), whilst I chose one piece and went round every available slot to see if it would fit. Both were extremely laborious and not much fun!

The completed puzzle has now been stuck to a board and framed so that it never needs to be put together again.

New year, new profile picture

The more astute of you will have noted that the photograph of me above has changed. Rather than choose a recent image that would show how I have aged, I have decided to use one of me as a child wearing a very fashionable jumper.




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