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Hardy and Alastair   Laurel and Hardy   Hardy and Tufter

January 10th 2020


RIP Hardy

I cannot remember why we decided to name our cats Laurel and Hardy when they were bought as pets for Harry and Alastair respectively sixteen years ago. What I do know, however, is that, unlike their human eponyms, Hardy turned out to be the thinner, bolder – dare I say hardier? – and more active of the two.  Which is why we wondered if he had been partying too much over the New Year when he looked a little the worse for wear in early January.  It soon became apparent, however, that it was something a little more serious and within a few days he required a first and final visit to the vet.

Some cats are known to leave presents for their owners in the form of dead mice or small birds which are often whole or only partially eaten.  Hardy was less generous than most and his offerings – usually left on the hall carpet to be stepped on in the early morning – usually consisted of no more than a few scraps of abdominal viscera or, in the case of his favourite meal, squirrels, the tail and paws.

Laurel does not appear especially concerned following his brother’s demise – perhaps he is happy that he is no longer squashed into a corner of his bed – but the rest of us miss him.


  © Copyright Thomas Jackson 2010