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Tathra   Tathra   Tathra
Tathra   Tathra   Tathra

January 30th 2019


Dawn chorus, music and frogs

If you are a fan of Radio 3 you are likely to have heard occasional featured pieces of birdsong paired with classical music.  I have always enjoyed these although I am never sure if the chosen classical music is meant to relate in any meaningful way with the bird that has been recorded.  If it has, I have not been able to determine the association, but this does not detract from the pleasure I derive from listening to it. 

It was Oscar Wilde who said that ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness’ and, with this in mind (and recognising the implication by so doing that I am mediocre), I have produced my own recording below.  It begins with a dawn chorus and ends with the evening ‘frog chorus’ both recorded in a national park on the eastern coast of Australia where Mary and I were very fortunate to stay for a week at the end of last year.  The intervening music is the gorgeous interpretation of the Thad Jones jazz classic, "A Child Is Born" by Martin Winter (of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra) accompanied by the Eikanger band, a brass and percussion ensemble from the municipality of Lindås, Norway.  Do not look too hard for a link between the music and dawn and evening choruses as there is none.

The photographs are of some of the wildlife that enjoyed breakfast with us every morning in Australia. 




  © Copyright Thomas Jackson 2010