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First full Ironman, Vichy, 2023
Full Ironman, Vichy, 2023   First full Ironman, Vichy, 2023   First full Ironman, Vichy, 2023

August 20th 2023


Ironman? No, Superman!

I dread to think how Alastair is feeling, but I am going to take some time to recover from the stress of following him on the Ironman app today during his first full Ironman in Vichy, France. In temperatures of 30-35°C, he has just completed a 2.4mile (3.8km) swim, a 112mile (180km) bike ride and a 26.2mile (42.2km) run.

Whilst the app allowing us all to follow his progress was reasonably bug-free, it did occasionally falter and would register him as being in the same spot for anything from a few minutes to over half an hour making us wonder if he had collapsed from heat exhaustion or worse. It brought back memories of his epic bike ride across Europe a couple of years ago when he phoned to say that I was not to worry, but he was in an ambulance on the way to hospital following a high-speed downhill crash. At least on that occasion he was able to let us know what had happened, whilst today he was of course without his phone, allowing our imaginations to envisage all sorts of serious mishaps.

With about 2 miles to go of the full marathon, the app again registered him as having stopped and for a few interminable minutes the whole family anxiously held its collective breath, fearing the worst, until it at last picked him up again a few hundred metres from the finish and we were all able to remotely cheer him over the line.

We now wonder how on earth he is going to manage the journey back to England tomorrow after just a few hours' sleep.





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