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Tufter   Tufter   Tufter
Tufter   Tufter   Tufter

August 6th 2018


It's a dog's life

Tufter, our Parson's Jack Russell Terrier, has been such a part of Jackson family life it is easy to forget that there was a 'Time before Tufter'.  TBT was undoubtedly very happy but our life during the fourteen and a half years since he arrived with us on Jono's twelfth birthday has been enriched.  He shared the traits of many Terriers – a desire to chase any animal regardless of its size; selective hearing loss when called if doing something more interesting; and an instinctive desire to guard us against anything that he perceived as a threat including every visitor to the house.  Unlike most terriers, however, he lacked the ability to catch anything. 

I would go so far as to say that I do not think I have ever come across a dog so poor at hunting.  This was not through lack of trying; he would run for hours after elusive smells and sounds but never, to my knowledge, did he succeed in chasing anything down.  The nearest he came was when a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed right next to him.  Dazed squirrel and astonished dog looked at one another for a moment with the former’s wits returning quickest allowing it to reach the safety of the nearest tree trunk before Tufter had even started to give chase.

As you might have realised from my use of the perfect tense, we are now in a TAT.  Sadly, our lovely dog died very recently after a mercifully short final illness and he is greatly missed.  Even our two cats, of whom he was remarkably tolerant as they batted him none too playfully as he walked past or flicked their tails in his nose whilst eating his food, seem a little lost.



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