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August 26th 2014


The Canadian Rockies

We rarely stray further than Norfolk for our annual family holiday but this year Mary encouraged us to be a little more adventurous. In late July, therefore, five of us – Jonathan was unfortunately unable to take the time off – flew to Calgary to pick up a Canadream RV (recreational vehicle) and spent the next twelve days driving through the Banff and Jasper National Parks. We had the most fantastic time: the weather was gorgeous; the scenery extraordinary; the wildlife exciting (although perhaps not as prevalent as we had hoped – except for the squirrels and mosquitoes); and the activities exhilarating.

New WTDW article

It is ten months since I last posted a WTDW article. I had such high hopes for this part of the website when Tom and I first set it up. I remember encouraging Tom to include it as I felt that it would be relatively easy to get people to write about an important day in their lives and we did, indeed, initially have an excellent response from family and friends, some of whose stories are absolutely excellent. Our attempts to get a celebrity to contribute were less successful – Tom and I will long remember the correspondence that we had with Stephen Fry's 'letter response team', but at least we did get a reply; we had no such luck with any of the many other personages (who we would not name for fear of causing them embarrassment) to whom we wrote.

I am still on the lookout for appropriate articles and today, whilst reading through Ian Roddie's recollections, came across a short piece that he wrote in 1990 when he worked in Jeddah as Medical Director at the King Khalid National Guard Hospital, in which he describes having brunch with friends in the city centre. It is exactly what I have been looking for – please have a read on the WTDW articles page.



Tim and Ruth 26th July 2014
Marion Fuller-Sessions   Wedding Decorations   John Fuller-Sessions
Alastair   Selfie   Harry
Feeling Good   Jono and Georgie   Tom

August 12th 2014


Ruth and Tim's Wedding – 26th July 2014

The more astute of you will have noted the greater than two week gap between Tim and Ruth's wedding and this blog; this was not my intention. Just two days after the wedding we flew to Calgary en famille (except for Jonathan) to pick up an RV to drive around the Canadian Rockies, and I was looking forward to a lot of relaxing free time to play around with photographs, videos and blogs ........ there was none. It is only now on our return, therefore, that I have been able to put something together.

The wedding was a quite wonderful occasion held on a beautiful day at St Mary's Church, Marlston. Ruth, who looked absolutely radiant, kept Tim waiting for a very reasonable 15 minutes – just long enough to bring out a little sweat on his brow – before walking down the aisle to the extremely apposite words of Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'. The reception dinner was held in the adjacent Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools – the delicious food and wine will live long in the memory.

The short video that I have produced – there could be only one choice of accompanying music – includes photographs taken largely by Harry with a few by Jono and me.




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