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On the South Bank
    Covent Garden performer
A Sheng   Sandman  

April 1st 2012


French Exchange

Last week we had lovely Emma to stay with us as part of a French exhange programme run by Alastair's school. This is all arranged during term time so that on weekdays the French students are taken out together for sight-seeing trips and return in the late afternoon in time to go back home with their respective hosts.

At the weekend Tom, Harry and I (Alastair was rowing) took Emma to Covent Garden and then the South Bank. It was a gorgeous day and the range of performers did not disappoint. Highlights came from: the group balancing spinning bowls on their heads; the Sheng player in Covent Garden (what a wonderful sound); and the 'sand-settee' (which was washed away by the incoming tide shortly after we arrived).

I have produced a short video which, in addition to photographs of the central London outing, includes a couple from an outstanding Jazz concert put on by Hampton School that we all enjoyed last weekend.



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